Benefit from ChangePro Lite today

ChangePro Lite is your no-nonsense video-based, bite-sized learning journey developed by practitioners for people just like you. Built by a team who really understand your challenges, ChangePro provides a powerful learning journey combined with valuable insights that really work.  Available online, just when you need it, ChangePro shares an adaptable and scalable end to end framework that will enable you to:

  • Understand the ChangePro Framework
  • Understand the principles of project and change management
  • Be able to build a project team

ChangePro Lite gives you the basics of project and change management. It enables you to explore how the world’s best project leaders lead teams to deliver benefits in organisations and really make change happen.  You’ll still be in the elite top 10% of leaders who really understand how to deliver change through people.  Imagine being able to run projects that the business really want and are really supportive of your effort.

ChangePro Lite is best for individuals who want a quick overview of what great project leadership looks like.  You get the 12 module video based programme and the 6 part framework with step by step guidance as part of the Lite package. Typically you are someone who starting out and exploring project management for the first time.  Perhaps you’re not a full on Project Manager yet but you may have been part of a project before, perhaps been involved in the delivery part, and are now looking to move into running your first end to end project. You realise that knowing how to make change happen and learning how to run projects is important to your success and are hungry to learn more from practitioners.

What’s included in Lite?

You’ll get access to some of the features of ChangePro including Graham’s 12 module video based programme and 6 Stage Framework to give you all the steps required.

You’ll get access to three of the four areas on the portal.

All you need to start your Project Leadership journey …

Register now to get immediate access to your training. You can watch at your own pace, and the training is here for LIFE!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you’re not happy for any reason, just tell us within 24 hours for a full, no hassle refund!

You can also upgrade to Hero at any time to get the all important tools, templates, documents, guides and community access. Just drop us a message and we will unlock the access for you.

ChangePro Lite is designed to teach you how to …


1. Use the ChangePro Lifecycle

2. Land change effectively

3. Be the very best you can be

4. Get more from life with less stress

5. Lead people more effectively





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