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In today’s fast paced and challenging world it can be a struggle to deliver projects effectively. Many Project Leaders are feeling isolated, overwhelmed, stressed and struggling to deliver. Sadly there are too many projects failing and we need to change that!
Developed by practitioners who really understand your challenges, ChangePro provides a powerful learning journey and valuable project resources to:

Make change happen FASTER

Land benefits more EASILY

Ensure projects add MORE VALUE and are MORE COST EFFECTIVE

ChangePro aligns to and supports existing project and change methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, HCD, PRINCE2, Lean, Six Sigma, ADKAR, AIM, and Kotter’s 8 Steps etc. The ChangePro framework guides your thinking and helps you select the right approach for the context you are in.
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Businesses are reorganising, adapting, evolving and delivering so much transformational change on an ongoing basis to sustain high performance.  They need the very best Project Leaders to remain competitive. Make sure you get ahead of the rest by exploring ChangePro …  you’ll be in massive demand!
As a Project Leader you’ll be on the look out for ways to ensure you are delivering projects in the best possible way. You may be at the start of your career or a seasoned professional looking to take a step up.
ChangePro will enable you to explore with Graham Wilson how the very best Project Leaders are achieving outstanding success. Through online video based learning and resources available in the ChangePro Vault you’ll have access 24/7 at a time that is best for you. Purchase a single license and you’ll have a lifetime access




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Innovate or die is the rallying call for many organisations. I’m sure you’ll agree that in a world where the most agile organisations are winning you’ll need worldclass project leaders to make the change happen.
ChangePro is a tried, tested and proven methodology that ensures innovation and change is landed quickly and cost effectively in your organisation. It gives you consistency and a common language to deliver your transformation programme.
We understand every business is different. So with flexibility built in ChangePro is available in a number of ways. From ‘vanilla’ to ‘fully bespoked and branded’ versions depending on your requirements. We believe in delivering high value at low cost so whatever version you choose the organisational license gives you lifetime access to the content – no ongoing license fee is required



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About Graham Wilson

Graham is on a mission this year to add £10M to the bottom line of his clients

He will achieve this by teaching leaders like you how to run projects effectively and make change happen effortlessly. As the UK’s leading expert on developing leadership capability, author of Leadership Laid Bare! and founder of the award winning Successfactory™; he is trusted to develop leaders and project managers from many of the leading organisations from around the world.
With over 32 years experience of running projects in a variety of situations from the military to private and public sector he has learnt a great deal about what really works (and what doesn’t!) He is trusted by many of the most successful organisations in the world to develop their leaders, having developed over 65,000 leaders in a 22 year period.
Graham’s fundamental belief is that projects are delivered through people and that you have to craft a solution that fits the context.  One size doesn’t fit all,  he is comfortable using a mix of Agile, Human Centred Design, Waterfall and PRINCE2 methodologies.
His key purpose is to awaken possibility in people to deliver extraordinary results.  You can find out more about Graham at

 “Having worked with Graham a number of times he is a pleasure to be around. Motivating, articulate and good humoured Graham is a great leadership coach and mentor and is one of the most positive and engaging people I have met working in this arena. He is down to earth and provides practical guidance on how to get the best from yourself and your team. He also has great stories and anecdotes and is great at reading the room and bringing a team together. It was a pleasure working with Graham.”  
Charlotte Light, Controller of Systems Delivery at Channel 4

“Graham is an extremely impressive person, his depth of knowledge is only matched by the breadth of his experience. Graham has the unique talent of breaking down extremely complex concepts into manageable pieces and therefore able to take a team with him. I would not hesitate to recommend Graham and the leverage his skills can bring to any business.”
David Chalmers, Managing Director Silhouette & adidas eyewear UK & Eire Ltd


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